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 Dengue Fever Alert in KL/Selangor, Malaysia



Dengue Fever info, symptoms, transmission prevention, treatment in Malaysia


From Jan 1 to 24, the Health Ministry reported 8,502 dengue cases nationwide, an increase of 65% or 3,361 cases compared with the same period last year (5,141 cases).
(The Star, 30 Jan 2015)


Do Something to Protect Others from the Disease!


Dengue fever is caused by the dengue virus that is transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. An infected person harbours virus in the blood stream for up to 5 days of fever. The circulating virus are picked up by the Aedes mosquito when it bites an infected person, and transmit the disease to another new person. To stop the chain of transmission and protect family members and the community from getting dengue, take immediate action while waiting for the health authorities to act, as follows:

  • Eliminate adult mosquitoes in and around the house using mosquito aerosols.

  • Search and destroy Aedes breeding or potential breeding places in and around the house. Use mosquito larvicide (larvae destroying chemicals) such as Abate in places which tend to collect water.

  • Prevent from mosquito bites during febrile period of illness

  • Advise close neighbours and friends who may also be having suspected dengue fever to do the same.

  • Allocate 10 minutes if your time every weekend to search and destroy all breeding places of aedes mosquitoes insiide and outside your house.



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Always consult a physician regarding health problems or medical conditions 

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