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Expatriate Malaysia Moving Guide -
Expat Moving Checklist


Expatriate Malaysia Moving Checklist

When you move internationally, there are a lot of things to get ready. The following checklists are prepared to ensure you don't forget any important and often overlooked items when moving. 

One Month before moving - Checklist
  • Prepare your moving budget.  List all of your moving expenses, as some may be tax deductible or claimable.
  • Confirm the pick-up and delivery dates with the movers.
  • Ensure that your move is adequately insured (Read and understand the terms & conditions).
  • Arrange storage if the goods are not to be shipped immediately (due to delays...etc) and not to forget storage insurance
  • Arrange transport services for pets (as they always need extra special care).
  • Contact bank(s) and arrange transfer or closure of your bank account(s).
  • Empty and close any safe deposit boxes.
  • Notify the postal service and request to redirect your mail to your new address.
  • Contact schools and arrange for transfer of student records.
  • Notify any child care services with a proper notice of withdrawal.
  • Contact any tutors, gardeners, cleaners etc that you will no longer require their services
  • Contact your doctors for medical records and possible referrals to a new physician at your destination.
  • Modify your insurance policies on property, vehicles and medical services where required.
  • Seperate all important records and travel documents needed prior to delivery, from items to be moved.
  • Give adequate notice to clubs, Associations or volunteer activities you belong to.
  • Cancel or redirect newspapers and magazine subscriptions.
  • Arrange for hotels, rental cars or temporary housing required during the move process. 

Two weeks before moving - Checklist

  • Determine what you really wish to take with you.
  • Hold a garage sale or contact a charity to take the items you do not want. (or donate to charity)
  • Remember to clean out Club, Gym and School Lockers.
    Collect all dry cleaning, alteration and repair items.
  • Arrange for disconnection of utilities such as electricity, gas, cables, mobile phone, telephone and broadband services.
  • Start packing items you need to take with you on your trip, together with your jewellery and small valuable items.
  • Retrieve or return any borrowed items.
  • Give away or start consuming existing stocks of canned food and perishables.
  • Give away or start consuming (responsibly) any alcohol. Import duties and restrictions may apply at destination.

One Week before moving - Checklist

  • Double check with your movers that all dates are confirmed.
  • Confirm vehicle and pet travel dates and times.
  • Confirm hotel, car rental and overseas temporary accommodation.
  • Give away unused contents of deep freezer, allow to defrost and clean to minimise odours on arrival.
  • After all your items have been packed and removed from the residence, arrange for cleaners to arrive.
  • Double check all items against our survey inventory to ensure all items are listed.
  • Arrange for voice mail/recording on your current telephone number so callers know where to find you.
  • Take pictures (digital pictures) of all furniture, paintings and works of art. (use Picasa to organise your photos)
  • Prepare a survival kit with items you may need at short notice.

Last day before moving - Final Checklist

  • Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator ready for it to be packed.

  • Convert your local currency to ensure you can pay for incidentals on arrival in the country of your destination.

  • Close Bank accounts if you have not already done so – watch out for any last minute transactions!

  • Moving day (the move process may take 2 to 3 days depending on the size of your shipment)

  • Movers will finish ‘export-wrapping’ and load your personal effects into your shipping container.

  • Double check that all instructions regarding shipping details and/or storage are clearly understood, make these checks with the office coordinator.

  • Clean your home or have cleaners do this for you.

  • Check all power and water has been turned off and hand your keys to the appropriate person.

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