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 Gourmand World Media Awards 2005

Gourmand World Media Awards 2005

Experience the Flavours of Life!
The most prestigious gourmet event in Asia.

Date: 17 - 21 May 2006
Venue: Palace of the Golden Horses, Kuala Lumpur

Gourmand International has organised the World Cookbook Awards for the past 10 years all over Europe. The Awards are known as the “Oscars” for those in culinary publication, and media industry. The 11th Gourmand World Media Awards will be held in Malaysia - the first time this event is held in Asia and outside of Europe.

Gourmand World Media Awards 2005 – Conference & Exhibition will provide a platform for food, travel and hospitality industry leaders and experts, as well as for local talent and the international media, to network, identify and exploit opportunities for mutual gain, and trade ideas and information.

The activities of Gourmand World Media Awards 2005 will include:

  • Pre-event Programme called "Showcase Malaysia" (12-16 May 2006): A five-day event where Malaysia hosts 10 celebrity chefs and over 100 tv producers/crew and travel writers to 6 destinations around Malaysia including Penang, Langkawi, Trengganu, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Kuala Lumpur.

  • Off Venue Activities: FoodCrawls by FriedChillies.com, Wine Tasting, Daily KL Tours, Chef Wan Market Tour & Spa

  • Masterclasses: to be lead by Le Cordon Bleu and Malaysian chefs

  • Exhibitions: The Perak Royalty Adat Santapan, Minangkabau Cultural Exhibition, Baba Nyonya Cultural Exhibition, The Gourmand World Cookbook Library, The Gourmand Cooking & Travel Multimedia Showcase

  • International Rights Centre: a 2 day trade-meeting event where book publishers and media producers will discuss and trade distribution rights for the international market

  • Trade Exhibitions: Over 20 trade booths representing niche products and services catering to the publishing, media and culinary industries.

  • Special Dining Experiences: a Welcome Dinner (on the 18th of May) with various foreign ambassadors of the national nominees attending the event; ”Makan-makan” in Kuala Lumpur is where all delegates will be sent out to various participating KL restaurants for a taste of Malaysia!

  • Gourmand World Media Awards 2005 Gala Dinner: The entire festival will culminate with the Awards and Gala dinner on 20th May 2006 in which 45 awards will be given out

Gourmand World Media Awards 2005 will be attended by over 800 conference participants, among them are world re-known celebrity chefs and media producers, and will be experienced by millions of others through television, radio, newspaper, magazine and other coverage. The Gourmand World Media Awards 2005 is expected to target many international media programs. Some will be reporting and recording segments for their programmes in and around Malaysia beyond the conference itself.

The outcome of this festival will not only mean a boost in local tourism, but we also expect to see a lot of business transacted among local and foreign delegates.

For more info about Gourmand World Media Awards 2005 Conference and Exhibition, please contact:

The Gourmand World Media Awards 2005:
Malaysian Secretariat
Suite E-9-18, Plaza Mont Kiara
Jln Kiara. Mont Kiara
50480. Kuala Lumpur. MALAYSIA
Tel: +603 6203 3301
Fax: +603 6203 5305
Email: gourmandkl@asiastream.com.my
Website: http://www.gourmandawards.com


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