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 Expatriates Guide - Insurance Information in Malaysia


Insurance Information in Malaysia
Insurance Information in Malaysia

InsuranceInfo is part of Consumer Education Programme (CEP) on insurance and takaful in Malaysia. It is a joint effort between Bank Negara Malaysia and the insurance and takaful industry.

The InsuranceInfo is designed as a long-term programme to provide educational information to enable consumers to make well-informed decisions when purchasing insurance or takaful products. InsuranceInfo aspires for consumers to be in a better position to select insurance or takaful products that best meet their needs as well as to understand their rights and responsibilities as consumers of insurance or takaful products and services.

InsuranceInfo aims at:

- providing and disseminating information on insurance and takaful products and services, important terms and conditions as well as exclusions of insurance policies, and the rights and responsibilities of consumers, in a clear and simple manner;

- giving useful tips to consumers when deciding to obtain insurance or takaful products and services; and

- advising consumers on how to seek redress if consumers are not satisfied with the services of an insurance company or takaful operator.

The information channels of InsuranceInfo include the following:-

1. Through a series of booklets on common products and services that are available at selected branches of insurance companies and takaful operators. The booklets cover the following broad topics:

  • General Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • General Takaful

  • Family Takaful

2. Through the website, www.insuranceinfo.com.my which is the primary channel to inform general public about insurance and takaful products and services, current issues and other matters. This website will be regularly updated to ensure that you get adequate and timely information.

3.Through articles that will be published in major newspapers.

Several initiatives are being planned to continuously enhance the level of consumer awareness and knowledge on insurance and takaful matters.

The availability of more information and better understanding of insurance and takaful matters will enable individual to make better decisions in choosing the insurance and takaful products and services that best suit your needs. Knowing your rights and obligations under the policy contract will also facilitate you in making insurance claims and seeking redress through the proper channels in the event of dispute with your insurance company or takaful operator. As a better-informed and active consumer, you will assist in establishing a more effective and efficient insurance and takaful industry.

For more information, contact the following organisations:
Visit www.insuranceinfo.com.my

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General Insurance Association of Malaysia
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Fax: 603-2274 5910
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Tel: 603-2691 6168
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Tel: 603-9171 1001  

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