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 Hassle free Internet Service in Malaysia
TMnet EZnet

Hassle free dial up internet service in Malaysia, TMnet EZnet


EZnet is pre-activated Internet narrowband service and is available to TM Homeline and Businessline subscribers nationwide. Subscribers with a PC and an analog modem may access the Internet by only dialing 1315. EZnet gives you an attractive alternative to Internet dial-up access which provides Internet connectivity and convenience in one single service.



  • Charged at only 4 Cents per minute (RM2.40/hour)

  • No registration and annual subscription fees

  • Charges will be based on usage only, ‘no usage – no charge’

  • Single bill charge – all EZNet charges will be billed under “Bil Telefon & Multimedia” issued by TM


  • Service are readily available by default to all TM Homeline & Businessline subscribers

  • No registration required

  • No login id/ password required

  • Dial 1315 to surf the Internet

Customer Care

For product inquiries and support please call TM Contact Center at toll free number 100 (only from a TM fixed line)

Other FAQ

1. What is the minimum hardware and software requirement for this service?

i. TM Fixed Telephone Line

ii. A Personal Computer
IBM PC or Compatible
486 DX2-66 or higher
16Mb RAM or higher
25Mb Free HD space or higher
One communication port (if using external modem)

iii. Modem
33.6 Kbps or higher recommended
You can either have an internal (inside your PC) modem or an external (separate from your PC) modem.

iv. Software
Windows 95 (version 4.00b required) and above
Apple System 7.5.3
Macintosh Dialer

2. Do I need to register for this service?
No, you don’t as this service is not account-based and does not require a username/ login id and password.

3. What number do I dial to access the Internet?
You only need to dial ‘1315’ to access to Internet.

4. What are the charges for this service?
The charge is 4 cents per minute only, and it will appear in your ‘Bil Telefon & Multimedia’ issued by TM.

5. Do I get an e-mail account from this service?

 Unifi - TM High Speed Broadband (5-20MB) Service HSBB
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