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 Expat Malaysia Survival Guide -

Your Electricity Bill
(Tenaga Nasional Berhad, TNB)


    “This month’s expat survival looks at how to read your electricity bill and what are the payment methods available. Electricity is provided to both residential and business customers by Tenaga Nasional Berhad(TNB). TNB is the largest electricity utility in Malaysia and serving over six million customers throughout the Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah.

Understanding your TNB's bill:  

Brief translation:

Bahasa Malaysia English
Amaun Amount
Amaun Elecktrik Electricity Amount
Anggaran Pelarasan Average Estimates
Bayaran Akhir Last Payment
Bayaran Dimasuk Setakat Payment As At
Bil Semasa Current Bill
Bil Akhir Last Bill
Cagaran Deposit
Caj Charge
Dahulu Previous
Jenis Bacaan Type of Reading
Jum. Perlu Dibayar Total to be Paid
Kadar Rate
Kegunaan Usage
Keterangan Explanation
Kod Code
Lain-Lain Caj Other Charges
Pelbagai Others
Semasa Current
Tarif Tariff
Tarikh Date
Tambahan Cagaran Additional Deposit
Tunggakan Outstanding
Unit Unit

Details of the Bill:

Every electricity bill contains important information. The most important details that need to be taken into account are as follows:-
- Station Number
- Customer's Account Number
- Last Date of Bill Settlement
- Bill Codes (please refer to the reverse side of the bill)
- Reading (current/previous month)
-Total Amount to be Settled

Estimated Bill:
An estimated bill will be issued when no reading of the meter can be made by the Meter Reader. The estimated meter reading for a domestic customer will be done only for three (3) consecutive months. After that, a notice will be sent to the customer concerned for the meter to be read.
Calculation of Estimated Bill:

The estimated bill is based on the previous 6 month average consumption. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the bill is adjusted. To have the bill adjusted, the customer should contact the local Kedai Tenaga so that a special meter reading can be arranged for an immediate adjustment of the bill done.

Self-Meter Reading

If however, you are a domestic consumer on tariff A and have problems leaving the gate open for monthly electricity meter readings, you can read your own meter . All you have to do is to get a 'self meter reading card' from any Kedai Tenaga, fill it up with the meter reading along with the other details required, post it and TNB will send you a bill by post.

This can be done for 3 months consecutively. On the 4th month, TNB will read the meter on a date to be agreed upon by both parties.


- TNB's bill must be paid within 15 days (refer to 16 above)

Payment Methods:
- Cash, Cheque, Bank's autodebit service or ATMs
  (Cross cheque and make payable to Tenaga Nasional Berhad)
- Other Internet Online payment services provided by Malaysian banks

Payment Centers:
- Kedai Tenaga, Post Office, Kedai Telekom  

TNB's new Call Management Center  
- for power outage reporting or complaints
  Tel: 15454 (Yes, 5 digits only from TM's fixed line and not mobile phone)


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