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  Expatriate Malaysia Financial Guides -
Banks, Insurance, Financial Institutions in Malaysia


Insurance Companies in Malaysia - Click here

Visa, MasterCard, American Express Credit Card Issuers in Malaysia - click here

Bank Negara Malaysia BNM, Central Bank of Malaysia
Bank Negara Malaysia - Central Bank of Malaysia
Tel: 603-2698-8044

ABN Amro Bank Kuala Lumpur Penang Malaysia
ABN AMRO Bank Berhad
Web: www.abnamro.com.my
Tel: 03-2162-6666(KL), 04-228-9999 (Penang)


Affin Bank Berhad Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Affin Bank Berhad
Web: www.affinbank.com.my
Tel: 03-2055-9000, 1-800-88-3883

Alliance Bank Berhad Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Alliance Bank Berhad 
Web: www.alliancebank.com.my
Tel: 03-2694-8800,1800-1818-22

Al Rajhi Bank Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Al Rajhi Bank
Web: www.alrajhibank.com.my
Tel: 1300-82-6000, +603-2332-6000 

Ambank Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
AMBank Berhad
Web: www.ambg.com.my
Tel: 03-2162-6888 (24 hour call centre), 2167 3717

Bank of America Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel: 03-2032-1133, 2039 4220

Bangkok Bank Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Bangkok Bank Berhad
Web: click here
Tel: 03-2072 4555 / 20724552 / 20705615

Bank of China Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Bank Of China (Malaysia) Bank Berhad
Tel: 03-2162-6633, 2169-8116

Bank Of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (Malaysia) Berhad
Tel: 03-2078-9100, 2078-5855, 2034 8132

CIMB Bank Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Web: www.cimbbank.com.my  
Callcentre - 1300-880-900; 603-2295-6100

Citibank Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Citibank Berhad
Web: www.citibank.com/malaysia
Tel: 03-2383-0000

Deutsche Bank Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Deutsche Bank (Malaysia) Berhad

Tel: 03-2053-6788

EON Bank Malaysia
EON Bank Berhad
Web: www.eonbank.com.my
Tel: 03-2694-1188, 2162 8978

Hong Leong Bank Berhad Malaysia
Hong Leong Bank Berhad
Web: www.hlb.com.my
Tel: 1-800-38-8888, 2169-2060

HSBC Bank Kuala Lumpur Penang Malaysia
HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad
Web: www.hsbc.com.my
03-2050 7878, 2050 7888 (24 hour call center)

JP Morgan Chase Bank Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Berhad
Tel: 03-2270-4111

Maybank Malaysia, Maybank2u.com.my
Malayan Banking Berhad
Web: http://www.maybank2u.com.my
Tel: 1300-88-6688, 603-7844-3696

OCBC Bank Kuala Lumpur Penang Malaysia
OCBC (Bank) Malaysia Berhad
Web: www.ocbc.com.my
Tel: 1300-88-5000, 2034-5034

Public Bank Malaysia Berhad PBeBank.com Internet Banking
Public Bank Berhad
Web: www.pbebank.com.my
Toll Free 1-800-88-3323, 1800-88-3318 (Office hours)

RHB Bank Berhad Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
RHB Bank Berhad
Web: http://www.rhbbank.com.my
03-9206 8118 (Phone Banking)

Sounthern Bank Berhad (Merged with CIMB Bank)

Standard Chartered Bank Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia
Web: www.standardchartered.com.my
Tel: 03-2117-7777

Scotiabank Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
The Bank of Nova Scotia Berhad
Web: www.scotiabank.com.my
Tel: 03-2141-0766

United Overseas Bank Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd.
Web: www.uob.com.my
03-2612 8121(KL), 07-2881 121 (JB),
04-2401 121 (Penang)


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LOFSA - Labuan International Financial Centre (IOFC)

Credit Counselling And Debt Management Agency

BankingInfo - a consumer education programme to publicise a new quality source of information about money and banking in Malaysia
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InsuranceInfo - provide educational information to enable consumers to make well-informed decisions when purchasing insurance or takaful products.
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Financial Mediation Bureau - an independent body set up to help settle disputes between you and your financial services providers who are its members. Click here for more info

The Association of Banks in Malaysia - http://www.abm.org.my


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