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Expatriate Malaysia Internet Guide -
Internet Service Providers (ISP)
in Malaysia

Wireless, Mobile 3G, WiMax 4G Broadband Internet Access - click here

TMnet Internet Service Provider ISP Malaysia
TMNET - leading Internet and multimedia services provider
isp.tm.net.my  Tel: 1300-88-1515 / 1300-88-9515 (Streamyx) Technical Support -
For more info and application info, please click here.

TM Unifi High Speed Broadband Project HSSB Malaysia
TM Unifi - High Speed Broadband 5MB,
10MB or 20MB

Celcom - Mobile telco and broadband provider
www.celcom.com.my Tel:03-3630-8888

DiGi - mobile telco and broadband provider
www.digi.com.my  Tel: 1800-68-8000

Jaring Broadband  Internet Service Provider ISP in Malaysia
Jaring - First internet provider in Malaysia
www.jaring.my Tel: 03-8991-7080
Jaring Self Care: https://www.online.jaring.my

Maxis Mobile 3G Wireless broadband Internet Service Provider ISP Maxis iPhone 3G offers - click here
- Mobile telco and broadband provider

Tel: 1800-82-8998

Time broadband Internet Service Provider ISP
TIME Broadband - by Time Dotcom

http://www.airzed.com/ Tel: 03-6203-5181

http://www.arc.net.my/ Tel: 03-2032-3208

Atlas One - Broadband Internet Provider
http://www.atlasone.net/  Tel: 03-3711-8888

Bizsurf - Broadband Internet services
http://www.bizsurf.com/  Tel: 03-2300-1800

Macro Lynx Sdn Bhd  - Wireless broadband provider
www.macrolynx.com Tel: 03-2163-1111

http://www.nasioncom.com.my/ Tel: 03-2938-3888

Penang FON - Fiber broadband
http://www.penangfon.com/ Tel: 04-262-9007

http://www.putra.net.my/  Tel: 03-2142-5266

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission - MCMC

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We make no guarantee of the status of the links nor it is responsible for its contents, 
and consequently shall not be liable for any loss or cost, directly or otherwise, by following the links provided.
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